Plicopá: the iPad’s Best friend!

HOW does PLICOPÁ works?
See this video to find out the simplicity & efficiency of Plicopá.


WHY has Gustavo created Plicopá?

It all started on June, 2012, when I bought my iPad but I wasn’t sure which case I should buy.

We say Plicopá is the iPad’s best friend because right from the start iPad could not even think to live without a case. And everyone that has an iPad knows it well.
As soon as it gets out of the packaging the iPad feels a little vulnerable, that’s why people that buy iPads immediately make them meet a case to protect them and support when it needs.


Tablet cases and supports in the market often hide the device and don’t provide vertical positions while charging it. So, my passion for origami and paper techniques inspired me to create a very simple and functional case: just one single touch and it folds, transforming itself into a solid base with two grooves to support the iPad in 45 and 90 degrees.

So, together with Carla Martins (my partner and designer too), who has a passion for sustainable solutions, we’ve improved the design to get the most out of a print run, enabling producing twice the Plicopá amount per sheet. The sustainability concern also determined the paper & on-demand digital printing model, both FSC certified) in order to produce less, reducing loss and storage costs.

Though sustainability is not the only reason we love Plicopá. The cover customisation is its strong point: we invited our designers-friends to create an unique illustration for Plicopá. But it’s just the beginning. In the near future we hope to open the community to give many others the opportunity to create their own illustrated Plicopá.

WHEN was Plicopá released?
Plicopá was exhibited worldwide for the first time on April, 9th, 2013 at THE HUB MILANO, during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. On that night we’ve also launched our crowd funding campaign at indiegogo.
The official debut was at inside The Design Junction, during London Design Festival 18-22, Sep 2013

WHAT means Plicopá?
It comes from PLICO, which means “to fold in latin” and OPÁ, which means “wow in Portuguese”. Something like “incredible folds”. The possibility to customise it with unique illustrations by designers from around the world is truly amazing.

Plicopá is a passionate work of two Brazilian designers: who met each other in Sao Paolo on 2005; lived for the past 7 years in Milan and now current live in London. We strive to create a design both socially useful and eco-friendly.


“I put all my thoughts and heart into this project and I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did while
creating it” – Gustavo Arguello

 “I found a right opportunity to test the knowledge I’ve achieved to develop a project in a sustainable-design thinking”. – Carla Martins