“In my works living together heterogeneous worlds inspired by icons of my time. My style is influenced and fed directly from Street Art, the Pop Surrealism, Pop Art, comics, graphic codes of tattoo and rock. Visual languages apparentently far from each other became an unique conversation creating works laden with symbolism and contrasts not only colors and materials.
Often the basis on which I paint are formed by collage of old books or magazines, which become an integral part of the theme and enhance the symbolism. So, for example, yellowed pages of an old printed edition of the Divine Comedy in the 50s become the support for my current reading, critical, ironic, and a bit ‘irreverent. They bridge the gap between past and present, between man yesterday and today’s man, quite far in history, but equal in front of the weaknesses inherent in the human soul.
The traits are the result of an emotional idea, skinny, essential, graphics, highlighted by the Executive timeliness of acrylic colors and china.
my Works evoke messages and take the observer on a visual journey made with contradictions and conflicts, and evocations of descriptive absences.
Research and attempt to bring together elements, languages and means distant and different is the concept that underlies all my work.”

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